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Model Years 1984 - 1996
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     It’s a question I hear in my sleep. I can’t escape it. But, hey, it comes with the territory. When your job description, Expert Commentator, gives those who watch you on television the impression that you have the unassailable answer to this question, you hear it plenty.  “What kind of car should I buy at the auction?” Obviously, there is no single correct answer. It all depends on a laundry list of wants, likes, concerns, conditions, and considerations—not to mention the price range—that only the potential buyer can determine.

     However, all things considered, there is one automobile that periodically crosses the collector car auction block that is a genuine, lead-pipe, no wiggle room automotive investment that touches just about every base when it comes to desirability, collectability, performance, styling, significance, and affordability. The 1990-1995 Corvette ZR-1. If you were tracing the developments in the performance car marketplace in the late 1980’s, you’ll remember the seismic shockwave the 1990 ZR-1 touched off when Chevrolet announced it was going to be building the “ultimate Corvette” which was soon nicknamed “King of the Hill”.

     When first released, it was the fastest Corvette ever built with its all-aluminum LT5, 5.7-liter engine constructed by Mercury Marine which could push it to 175+ MPH. The ZR-1 didn’t look dramatically different from regular production Corvettes—an upside or a downside depending on your viewpoint—but there was no argument that when it debuted, the ZR-1 was pricey, stickering for between $60,000-$70,000 when additional dealer markup was tacked on. But today, we see 1990-1995 ZR-1’s selling consistently for between $25,000-$30,000, and these Corvettes are usually in outstanding condition, have reasonably low Miles* , and are by and large unmodified.

     In my opinion, one of the all-time great high performance sports cars is changing hands at a fraction of its original cost. But not forever.


1991 Corvette ZR1
Stock #09-121

Cooper Corvettes is one of only a few dealers in the entire country with the equipment and personnel capable of servicing, at any level, the C4 Corvette ZR1. Adequate servicing of these unique cars require special tools, manuals and TSB information that only our experienced Service department can offer. The article above truly tells the story about how these cars are undervalued in the market right now, and why they would make an excellent addition to your personal garage (not to mention your portfolio!). If you have any questions or concerns about the prospect of owning a C4 ZR1, please give us a call anytime.


1998 Corvette Coupe
Stock #16-77
Print Specs

1990 Corvette ZR1
Stock #16-36
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1990 Corvette Convertible
Print Specs

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